As a writer, I generally lean toward creative, character-driven stories, often with darker themes and edges. I also enjoy exploring and playing off various genres, twisting elements in new directions and trying to unearth layers of humanity, in search of something unique.

Personally, I find myself inspired by great visuals, strong-grounded performances, and distinctive vision and style. I love artists who push creative boundaries and dare to challenge, while still managing to ground themselves in the connective tissue of human emotion…and yet for me, it almost always comes down to the transcendent idea of  “A good story, well told.”

In recent years my focus has shifted in the direction of smaller low-budget stories, with an eye towards producing and directing, as well as collaborating with other filmmakers as a writer/producer, with the ultimate goal of developing and shooting some cool low-budget films.


*The loglines are purposely a bit vague, but this will give you a sense of some of the things I've written & worked on.  Scripts&Projects