[_] The basic concept is for the EBFC to be a filmmaking group (part collective, part production co-op) that aims to bring filmmakers together to collaborate on a wide range of low and micro-budget cinematic projects.


 [_] The idea for this group was born out of a desire to find a community of supportive, like-minded filmmakers, who generally lean towards the more creative, storytelling side of filmmaking and whose taste, ideas and vision usually fall somewhere outside the typical mainstream Hollywood box.


[_] The goal is for this club to be infused with a collaborative, guerrilla spirit and a DIY attitude, giving filmmakers the freedom and support to take risks, push boundaries, while at the same time challenging ourselves to be selective as we strive to produce a quality not typically found in projects of this nature.


[_] The plan would be to start small, developing and producing unique low and micro-budget films in a variety of genres, as we attempt to follow in the path forged by other filmmakers who all began shooting on shoestring budgets to make the films they wanted to make.




*not currently active