[_] First Date, Last Date: A first date during the end of the world. HBO Festivals IMDb/Trailer

[_] Tourists: Time travel mystery. Two men meet in a bar and before they are done, one of them will travel back in time to witness an American tragedy.


[_] Hearing Voices: An experimental twist on a kidnapping thriller.


[_] The Z Word: A meditation on survival, that also happens to be a unique take on the zombie genre. Low budget feature potential.




[_] Genesis: High concept sci-fi thriller. When the government controls your mind, the one question you never ask is why?


[_] The People That You Knew: Low budget nail-biter about a troubled father who takes his own children hostage.


[_] The Honeymoon Period: Edgy, romantic comedy. What happens when you meet the person you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with, on your honeymoon? 


[_] Good Samaritans: A twisted tale of modern horror that takes the serial killer genre and turns it on its head, not once, but twice.


[_] The Domino Effect: Fast-paced action thriller. A fresh take on your typical bank robbery picture.


[_] The Passenger: Claustrophobic micro-budget carjacking thriller.




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